Stepping Stone Medical Equipment Bank

AHCA License #1312981

Seniors First accepts the donation of new and used medical equipment, refurbishing it to pass it forward to people (at little or no cost to the recipient) recommended to us by various social service and medical sources.

Without durable medical equipment, many senior citizens may not be able to walk, leave their homes, bathe, sleep comfortably or maintain their independence.

The types of equipment we provide includes: manual and motorized wheelchairs, scooters, patient lifts, electric hospital beds and safety devices such as walkers and shower chairs.

Those who cannot afford to purchase equipment from the retail market, but who can afford to pay something, come to Stepping Stone to purchase equipment at deeply discounted and reasonable prices (only cash and checks accepted). Persons who lack any ability to pay are eligible for equipment free of charge through grant funding, when available.

Seniors First assists frail seniors and disabled adults to perform essential tasks of daily living with the help of safety devices, mobility equipment and medical supplies. For many individuals, this can mean the difference between living independently in their own homes or prematurely being moved into a nursing facility.

Donate Equipment to Us

We collect new and used medical equipment of all kinds, graciously donated by those who no longer are in need of these items. Donated equipment can be reconditioned and recycled numerous times to help meet the medical needs of our community.

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3711 Vineland Road  Orlando, FL 32811
T: 407.649.4100  F: 407.649.4200
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“Thank you so much for helping me to get my wheel chair. When my chair broke I was left totally house bound for a week or more. I could not walk my dog or go grocery shopping. When I was directed to your store it was such a relief to know I could be mobile again.” – Lisa

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