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The film maker: Photographer Seth Hancock was asked to make a documentary on a subject that meant nothing to him….senior citizens and hunger. He’d never gone hungry a day in his life and rarely thought about getting old. In “Leftovers.” he travels the country to discover why seniors are the new face of hunger in America, why they’re often treated as second-class citizens and what is being done to make a difference in their lives.

“Leftovers.” is his personal journey.  One where he quickly realizes how vast the problem is, what it will take to feed the seniors of this county, how much food gets wasted and how senior hunger will affect us all.

This film was made possible by generous funding from the following companies and organizations: The Department of Creative, Meals on Wheels America and the Rex V. Stevens and Dulciza Stevens Fund at the Central Florida Foundation.  Seniors First, Inc. was instrumental in securing the funding from the Central Florida Foundation to bring the film to completion and we thank them for their partnership.

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Senior Hunger Facts

National: 1 in 6 seniors struggles with hunger and may not know where their next meal will come from.
Even the most independent among us, if fortunate to live long enough, may experience a decline in mobility or health that can strip away our independence and diminish the quality of our lives. Great advances in medicine have extended our average life expectancy to a record high of 78.7 years. Living longer means more years spent in the struggles that accompany old age. Add to that the increase in geographic mobility of our families and the result is millions of seniors left behind, hungry and alone. 1


  • 1,138,250 are isolated, living alone. 1
  • 757,111 are threatened by hunger. 1
  • 1,559,775 are living in or near poverty. 1

Meals on Wheels Support

  • 81% say it improves their health. 1
  • 92% say it enables them to remain living at home. 1
  • 90% say it makes them feel more safe and secure. 1

1 ) Meals on Wheels America –

Orange County
Recent research conducted by the Institute for Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Central Florida (UCF) revealed 12% or 15,000 of Orange County’s 129,000 older adults (age 65 and up), are food insecure. 2

Total meals served by Seniors First Meals on Wheels programs. (2016)

  • Home-Delivered: 245,331
  • Congregate: 93,262

2 ) Winter Park Health Foundation –

Donate, Volunteer, Advocate.

You can help solve senior hunger by donating your time, talent and treasure. Advocate for us on your social network and spread the word to help educate others. Contact Seniors First about volunteer opportunities or make a donation knowing that no gift, however modest is too small to make a difference in the life of a senior citizen in our community.  Please consider making a donation to the Seniors First nutrition programs.


donation*Please consider making a donation to the Seniors First nutrition programs.

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